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Going Green on Four Wheels is Not Enough

Can a modern engine plant, beehives, electric vehicles and a water management act go together? In Győr, Hungary, they certainly can. There, for Leadec at Audi Hungaria, much revolves around sustainable production and environmental protection.

Anyone who wants to get from A to B on the Audi Hungaria plant premises in Győr should either be good on foot or otherwise mobile. More than 5 square kilometers – equivalent to an area of over 700 soccer fields – covers the area where around 2 million engines per year have been built since 1993. The company in Győr has already been mass-producing the electric motor of the e-tron, Audi’s first all-electric model, since 2018. By the end of 2020, exactly 187,163 electric drives had left the plant. The electric motors for the “Premium Platform Electric (PPE)” vehicles developed jointly with Porsche will also be produced in Győr in the future. To ensure that everything runs smoothly, around 300 Leadec employees have been working at the site for almost 27 years, taking care of the energy supply and technical facility management.


Environmental and energy targets are part of the philosophy

As a service provider, Leadec can make a contribution to environmental protection at various points. An important part of this is the company fleet, consisting of the company’s own vehicles, but also the industrial trucks used. For example, Leadec has replaced all of its forklift trucks in Hungary with electrically powered ones since 2019 – 70 in total. In this way, the Hungarian subsidiary is among other things aiming to reduce CO2 emissions by a further 15 percent by 2025.


The latest achievement is now the first e-car at the Audi site, a VW ID.3, which the Leadec teams use to zoom around the site with zero emissions. “It is extremely important for our clients to limit the environmental impact of their production and to conserve natural resources,” explains Ferenc Dákai, Managing Director of Leadec Hungary. “We support them in this, among numerous other measures, by using electric cars.”


Flora, fauna and water

When spring comes, Győr’s smallest employees are particularly active. Thousands of bees are busy collecting nectar from the numerous plants and trees on the factory premises. They busily fly in and out of the hive. To ensure that the striped honey producers have everything they need, Leadec employees also look after the beehives, insect hotels and green areas on the premises. Incidentally, the protection of flora and fauna is a top priority at all business premises in Hungary. Together with its customers, Leadec Hungary regularly takes over the sponsorship of trees; currently more than 1,000 trees are being cared for. The company’s commitment to sustainability and environmental protection is also reflected in the international certificate on the protection of natural water resources. This confirms that Leadec Hungary not only uses fresh water sparingly in all its activities, but also reduces or recycles wastewater.



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