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Sustainability Starts With the Little Ones

If you want to act sustainably, you need one thing above all: knowledge! This applies on a small scale at home and at work just as much as on a large scale for services in the factory. To raise awareness of the issue, the Leadec team from the UK launched "Green Week". Each day was dedicated to a different topic such as environmental awareness, corporate social responsibility (CSR) or health and well-being. 

Concentrated silence surrounds them as they handle the precious cargo. With great care, the primary school children from Coventry in the UK fill the little Leadec bags they have prepared with flower seeds. A considerable mound is already emerging, at which the pupils gaze with satisfaction. "The bees will really enjoy this next year," says one of the girls as she closes one of the last bags.  

With structured processes to more flower seeds 

Just a short time earlier, the adolescents had visited the wheel and tire assembly plant in Coventry with Lee Smith, Leadec's managing director in the United Kingdom. The children learned about OPEX concepts, work breakdown structures, efficiency improvements and process flows. They put what they learned into practice and set up two basic production lines on which they filled and labeled sachets with wildflower seeds. The children's insight was that when everyone works together, the output is 73% higher than when everyone fills their sachets individually. "Leadec supports several initiatives at the school to encourage engagement and education among our children," says Lee Smith. "The children received books on environmental conservation and, of course, two bags each of wildflower seeds." 

Sustainable in the factory 

An important focus of Green Week was to show how sustainable Leadec operates among its customers. And here, too, it is clear that even small changes can have a big impact. For example, a modified cleaning process helped reduce solvent consumption in a paint shop by 90%. This not only protects the environment, but also reduces costs. Or by optimizing material transports at one site, truck emissions were cut by 8% and the truck fleet was even reduced by a third. At another customer, the number of waste pickups was reduced by as much as 40% by introducing a monitoring system for liquid waste. "Through best practices like these, we can demonstrate - both internally and, more importantly, to our customers - what can be done to keep our resources and our planet worth living on for generations to come," says Lee Smith.   


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