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Wei’s journey: from controlling manager to finance director

Wei from China started her career in the controlling department in 2013 and since 2020 she has been finance director for China with a team of 10. She particularly appreciates the open communication.

Wei, what has your career path with Leadec in China been like so far? 

I had an exciting time in my first seven years as a controlling manager. But then, in 2020, I was offered the position of finance director. And I didn’t hesitate! It was a great opportunity. My team and I are not only responsible for controlling and accounting for Leadec in Shanghai but also interface with the regions in China. The topics are diverse: from taxes and treasury to law and compliance. 

Is there anything that particularly motivates and supports you?

I find the working atmosphere at Leadec very pleasant. The interaction within the company is friendly, courteous, and very respectful. We work very cross-functionally here, are networked with each other, including with the other, international sites of our finance community. For me, Leadec is like a big family where everyone supports each other. And with further training and mentoring programs, I was able to develop, sharpen and concretely pursue my own personal career goal.

Do you have any advice you can give to new employees – whether they are junior staff or experienced professionals?

Hard work definitely pays off. But it is at least as important to take a different perspective on all issues and challenges every so often. To question yourself and to think about “What would another person do? How would other sites look at the problem?” And then put the issue in a larger context to come up with a solution that you might not have thought of yourself. Shifting perspective and looking at the big picture is my core advice.

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    Wei’s journey: from controlling manager to finance director

    Wei from China started her career in the controlling department in 2013 and since 2020 she has been finance director for China with a team of 10. She particularly appreciates the open communication.

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