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Innovation, recycling & Co. – current trends in battery production

More than six months ago, The Battery Show Europe 2021 took place in Stuttgart. Now the time has come again. From June 28, 2022, more than 540 exhibitors are expected at the third Battery Show Europe in Stuttgart. On this occasion, Dr. Christoph Jaschinski reviews current battery trends.

Six months is almost an eternity in this field. Since the last show, we have realized new projects and also held many technical discussions with companies, associations and research institutions. In the process, four trends for the factory have emerged, which are also reflected at the trade show:

1. The pace of innovation in cell development remains high

This is associated with continued high pressure on the industrialization of manufacturing and assembly processes for cell and battery system production. This leads to major challenges in the design and commissioning of machines and systems, especially in battery assembly. In some cases, the first facilities in the factories are already being replaced before ramp-up and final acceptance have been completed. The planners, commissioners and maintenance staff are therefore particularly challenged in the factories to quickly reach normal productivity.

2. Recycling is becoming increasingly important in the supply chain

Battery recycling offers great opportunities for the next generations of batteries, not only for environmental reasons, but also for technical and economic reasons. In addition to new recycling processes, new demands are being placed on logistics, both for storage and for the transport and repair of NOK batteries. A whole new industry is just emerging here.

3. Competition for global technology leadership is increasing

Both European and Asian machine and plant manufacturers are represented at The Battery Show Europe. The European manufacturers mainly offer special solutions for individual production steps, while the Asian manufacturers offer complete solutions. Both groups are facing major challenges. For the first group, it is mainly the automation of individual solutions, for the second group, it is the installation and commissioning over long distances. Both have in common that the capacities of the machine and plant manufacturers are lower than the vehicle manufacturers’ expected demand. For both groups, it is important to use their own highly qualified personnel as efficiently as possible and to obtain on-site support from qualified industrial service providers for installation and ramp-up support.

4. Accelerating time-to-market becomes the determining factor for success

Six months ago, the announcements for new plants were overflowing. In the meantime, the plans in Europe have become much more concrete, specifications have been drawn up, and the procurement of machinery and equipment is in the tendering process. Since the last The Battery Show Europe, however, only a few new projects have actually entered the construction phase. It seems that projects in the USA are now being implemented more quickly. Time-to-market is therefore becoming even more important for all participants, especially here in Europe. New solutions are already being discussed here.

Let us talk about these and other trends and develop solutions at The Battery Show Europe with Leadec in Hall 10 at stand A20. We look forward to seeing you!

As a specialized service provider for the factory, Leadec supports its customers from planning to assembly and maintenance of battery lines.

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