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Technology is continuously revolutionizing factories, making not only these factories smarter, but also the services that are increasingly driven by data. We at Leadec aim to make life easier and more efficient for our customers and everyone in the ecosystem. Our industrial services create added value to a digital factory – provided they are themselves digitized, integrated, open and thus IoT-capable.

Factory of the future Factory of the future Factory of the future

Our global platform with a standardized end-to-end view

Leadec's Software Solutions

We provide solutions for the intelligent factory

Smart Factory Group

Leadec’s innovation hub

Digital Services on Site

Leadec’s digital portfolio for daily services processes

Working on a platform

How we do it


We enhance our service portfolio with new data-based services and offer superior customer experience.

Leadec.os is a global platform with a standardized end-to-end view, from the first offer to invoicing. Customers benefit from maximum transparency across all services we provide.

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Digital Services on Site

Virtual reality, automated guided vehicles, or monitoring in real-time are some of the digital services that we provide; we continuously explore the development of new technologies to make them applicable for our daily service processes.

Connect everything

Leadec’s Software Solutions

Digital 2

We connect your machinery to the IoT platform because we have comprehensive machine knowhow and domain expertise. With the help of our partner network, we digitize your factory, irrespective of machine manufacturers or platform providers. We install sensors, operate them and then collect and evaluate machine data to make services in the factory more efficient. As systems integrator we connect your software systems and assets to the Cloud. With our partner network we create your digital twin in the cloud and optimize your processes.We can work with your software or bring in our own – our MES solutions have been used by OEMs and Tier1 for many years. Our robCONTROL system has so far more than fulfilled any cycle time optimization requirements.

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Innovations that matter

Smart Factory Group

Innovation hub

Our innovation hub, the Smart Factory Group, acts as facilitator in the factory’s ecosystem. We work with technology partners and test new pilots – related to automated guided vehicles, spare parts management, industrial robots and new business models in the style of “everything as a service.”  

As digital work bench, we create innovative technology solutions to market that fit seamlessly into our Service Lines.

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Leadec at Bosch Connected World 2019

Markus Glaser-Gallion (CEO Leadec Group) and Markus Hucko (COO Leadec Group) talked about “pay-per-part” - a business model which is an alternative to buying and owning equipment or outsourcing part of the production process. Leadec developed it with partners in a Steinbeis testbed.

Learn more: Experiences with the Steinbeis testbed

About Bosch Connected World

Bosch's annual conference on the Internet of Things (IoT) and digital transformation brought together 5,000+ Bosch customers, partners, employees and developers to discuss IoT trends and their applications. It took place in Berlin at May 15-16.

Learn more: Bosch Connected World 2019

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