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  • Technology is continuously revolutionizing factories, making not only these factories smarter, but also the services that are increasingly driven by data. We at Leadec aim to make life easier and more efficient for our customers and everyone in the ecosystem. Our industrial services create added value to a digital factory – provided they are themselves digitized, integrated, open and thus IoT-capable.
  • Digital transformation – more than a word

    Technology is continuously revolutionizing factories, making not only these factories smarter, but also the services that are increasingly driven by data. We at Leadec aim to make life easier and more efficient for our customers and everyone in the ecosystem. Our industrial services create added value to a digital factory – provided they are themselves digitized, integrated, open and thus IoT-capable.

How we do it

Working on a platform

We enhance our service portfolio with new data-based services and offer superior customer experience.

Leadec.os is a global platform with a standardized end-to-end view, from the first offer to invoicing. Customers benefit from maximum transparency across all services we provide.

Learn more about our digital business platform Leadec.os 

Connect everything

Leadec’s software solutions

We connect your machinery to the IoT platform because we have comprehensive machine knowhow and domain expertise. With the help of our partner network, we digitize your factory, irrespective of machine manufacturers or platform providers. We install sensors, operate them and then collect and evaluate machine data to make services in the factory more efficient. As systems integrator we connect your software systems and assets to the cloud. With our partner network we create your digital twin in the cloud and optimize your processes. We can work with your software or bring in our own – our MES solutions have been used by OEMs and Tier 1 for many years. Our robCONTROL system has so far more than fulfilled any cycle time optimization requirements.

Learn more: Leadec's services of Production IT

Innovations that matter

Smart Factory Group

Our innovation hub, the Smart Factory Group, acts as facilitator in the factory’s ecosystem. We work with technology partners and test new pilots – related to automated guided vehicles, spare parts management, industrial robots and new business models in the style of “everything as a service.”  

As digital work bench, we bring innovative technology solutions to market that fit seamlessly into our service lines.

Learn more about our innovation hub

Always right where you need us

Our digital services on site

Virtual reality, automated guided vehicles, or monitoring in real-time are some of the digital services that we provide; we continuously explore the development of new technologies to make them applicable for our daily service processes.




The Smart Factory is our home

  • Article

    "Digital Factory Experience": Virtual Insight Into the Digitized Factory

    From autonomous transport systems to digital weld seam testing - Leadec's range of products and services for the smart factory can now be experienced in a simulated environment. This is now available with a tour on the online platform "Digital Factory Experience".

  • Article

    Spare Parts on Demand Instead of Full Warehouses

    The advantages of inventory outsourcing are obvious: warehouses full of spare parts at each individual company mean high costs. Leadec offers its customers flexible models in which they only pay for the parts they really need and only when they really need them.

  • Article

    Whitepaper: How Integrated Facility Management Optimizes Production

    ‘Crossing the yellow line’ is the title of our new whitepaper which highlights the benefits of Integrated Facility Management (IFM) for the food & beverage industry. Streamlining all support services through a single efficient model increases asset uptime and reduces maintenance costs.

  • Whitepaper

    Whitepaper: Integrated Facility Management (IFM)

    Unwanted machine downtime is a nightmare in the food industry. Our latest white paper explains how integrated facility management can help. 

  • Brochure

    Sustainability Report 2021

    Our sustainability program centers around four strategic commitments: managing our environmental impact, acting responsibly toward our employees and society, maintaining integrity as well as adding longterm customer value. Read more in our Sustainability Report. 

  • Article

    IoT-Orchestrated Services

    Technical services such as cleaning, maintenance, and repair of facilities are increasingly offering potential for improving the economy of production. The global industrial service provider Leadec operates its own IoT infrastructure to improve the efficiency of its existing offerings for plant operators – or to make completely new ones possible.

  • Interview

    Interview: 60 Years of Leadec

    In 2022, Leadec will celebrate its 60th anniversary. In an interview with Markus Glaser-Gallion, CEO of Leadec, we talk about the past years and how he sees the future of the service specialist for the factory. 

  • Article

    Automobilwoche article: Winner of transformation

    Many automakers and automotive suppliers are struggling with the transition to electromobility. This is not the case with the industrial service provider Leadec.Read the full article which was originally published in "Automobilwoche"

  • Article

    Smart Maintenance Produces Food

    Sustainability in the food and beverage industry has long since ceased to be a trend. Instead, it is a strong driver of quality and innovation, and thus also an important factor for greater added value and competitiveness. But where does sustainability start? With the intelligent maintenance of machines and systems, for example.

  • Article

    What Does Transformation Feel Like in an Industrial Environment?

    Google spits out around 250 million search results when users enter the word “transformation.” Not all of them, but a large proportion, relate to the digital transformation of companies. How did Leadec shape this transformation process? What were the triggers, challenges and success factors?

  • Article

    The Spare Parts Devil is in the Details

    Spare parts management is one of the least prioritized processes in companies. Totally unfair! Warehouses are often overstocked; capital is tied up. They suffer from a lack of transparency and optimized inventory management. Integrated spare parts management can be the solution. 

  • Article

    Smart Factory - Any Questions?

    We are connected. With each other, with our environment, and even modern production is based on smart solutions. But what is behind the keywords around Smart Factory, Big Data or Industry 4.0?

  • Article

    Complete Tracking With Intelligent Software

    Since November 2020, Leadec has been responsible for a large NPM warehouse at a Bremen site with more than 50.000 different items. In order to know where which item is located on the site at all times, intelligent software is used. 

  • Article

    Having a Snack Break Together: Sandwich and Lubricating Oil

    For decades, it has been impossible to imagine production without robot colleagues. They reduce the workload for humans, provide support and automation, and thus enable higher productivity. But the thoughts go further, towards a real human-robot collaboration (HRC). Without a safety fence, with a lot of proximity and still safe.

  • Article

    Good Vibrations: Finding a Solution during a Hackathon

    No machine runs like another, even when they are identical. So, it's not easy to uncover anomalies in vibration data. An intelligent algorithm can help. Born in this year’s ICNAP hackathon.  

  • Article

    Whitepaper Technical Services Battery Production

    Batteries are the key technology for future drives. What does this mean for the factory, and what special challenges does the production of the batteries entail? Together with the market research institute Lünendonk, Leadec has prepared a white paper that answers these questions, among others.

  • Article

    Master of Hundreds of Factories

    Article published on February 22, 2021 in the F.A.Z.

  • Article

    Out of the Data Chaos into the Open Ecosystem

    Open collaboration unleashes true innovative power – this is how the community idea of the Open Manufacturing Platform (OMP) can be described. Leadec has joined in 2021.

  • Article

    There is More to Lubrication than meets the Eye

    Lubricants are true all-rounders. The corresponding lubrication management is at least as important. Especially when it comes to Production 4.0.

  • Article

    What the Sensors Can Tell Us

    In both India and Germany, Leadec engineers are currently watching their vibration sensors, collecting data and waiting for pumps or blowers to fail. Why? Because here as well as there, they will show their customers how vibration monitoring leads to preventive maintenance.

  • Interview

    Background: Leadec and DA

    A surprising M&A announcement at the end of the year: Leadec has acquired US company Diversified Automation. In a joint interview, founder and CEO Tony Young and Leadec CEO Markus Glaser-Gallion report on the reasons behind the move, opportunities and future prospects.

  • Article

    “When planning a new factory we think two generations ahead”

    The factories of the future are superseding traditional manufacturing concepts and hierarchical supply chains. As as service provider, Leadec offers advice on design concepts for smart factories.  

  • Article

    Leadec – A Software Developer?

    How digital is an industry service provider? There is a lot of IT in production control, resource scheduling and plant design. In Chemnitz, for example, there are Leadec innovators who sell their software solutions as far away as Mexico.

  • Interview

    One Year of Smart Factory Group

    Since June 2019, Leadec has had its own innovation hub dealing with the digital transformation. The “Smart Factory Group” develops digital service offers, serves as a platform for the exchange with external technology partners and promotes digitization inside the company.

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