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The App of 1.000 Rooms

Have you ever asked yourself, what our industrial services have to do with digitization? Is all this not a little bit cheered, while the real benefit remains unclear?

For Leadec the answer is: if we think outside the box and across the disciplines, if product developers, users and IT people get together, then digital applications hold huge opportunities. Want an example? Here's one: The Room Control app.


When you do the cleaning at home, there is something different to do in each room: You vacuum the carpet in the bedroom, clean the basins in the bathroom, dust the living room and go after cobwebs in the cellar. If you documented everything that you clean, it would add up to quite a lot. The same applies at our customers’ premises, where we undertake infrastructure management. The schedule of services lists exactly what needs cleaning. However, in accordance with the contract, we have to check up to 10% of our own cleaning performance, which has been documented manually until now. A new Control Room app marks not only the end to the piles of paper, but is also a step towards digitization.


The mentioned inspections are much easier now. “I no longer walk through 1,000 rooms with slips of paper, but with a tablet”, describes an employee the improvement. The app also takes over the random selection which 10% of the rooms are need to be checked. Furthermore it provides a building plan of every site and assigns the room to a category depending on what kind of cleaning activities have to be done there.


The performance of the cleaning can now be evaluated by simply tapping on the tablet, depending on the customer's requirement there are stored different classifications: For one customer, “OK” or “Not OK” might be sufficient but for others, a scale of 1-7 applies. The employees can communicate directly among each other, just like Social Media applications.The customer can also log in and retrieve the data that Leadec collects for him and is interactively involved in the service delivery. "With the app, we offer more than just quality control, we also provide transparency and comparability", leads the developer of the app. But Leadec also uses the new transparency and recognize existing training needs early.


The app was created in cooperation with Leadec locations in Hungary, UK and Germany, that were willing to test and experiment with the development. It really picked up pace in the UK where the pilot project took place. Thanks to the good cooperation between the local team and the colleagues in Stuttgart, the pilot project was a complete success. As a result the App of the 1,000 rooms will also be rolled out in other locations. The app shows how successful team work can be, when all participants open up and work across departmental and country boundaries on a common goal.