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11. January 2024

Leadec starts operations in Spain and Portugal

Stuttgart/Germany, 01/11/24 – Vamos, Leadec! The leading global service specialist for factories along their entire life cycle is expanding its activities to Spain and Portugal. The company is now represented in 16 countries. With the two new companies on the Iberian Peninsula, industrial companies there can now also benefit from Leadec’s technical expertise and more than 60 years of experience.

“We are successfully continuing our growth and diversification strategy. This means expanding both our geographical footprint in Europe and our customer base across various industries. Our customers can now also rely on our proven production and service standards on the Iberian Peninsula,” says Markus Glaser-Gallion, CEO of Leadec. 


Integrated facility management across sites

Leadec is taking on a multi-year contract for integrated facility management for an international technology and services company in Spain and Portugal from 2024. The contract covers a total of six countries, including, besides Spain and Portugal, the UK, Poland, Slovakia and the Czech Republic, where Leadec is already represented. Leadec has been responsible for integrated facility management at sites in Brazil and Mexico for the same customer since 2022. 


The operating model developed specifically for the customer’s requirements with uniform standards across all sites will also be rolled out in Europe. It is a customized package of technical and infrastructural FM services such as electrical installation and maintenance, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, lighting, compressed air, janitorial services, landscaping and other services. 


At home in the factory for more than 60 years

“We see great potential in Spain and Portugal. The manufacturing industry is strong in these countries and other sectors have grown dynamically in recent years. With our broad range of services, we can help our customers keep their factories running and focus on their core competencies,” adds Georgi Tschumburidse, Senior Vice President Operations in Eastern Europe, France, the UK and Austria, who will also be responsible for the new companies. Managing Director will be Paulina Lujan, who has been with the company for over 25 years and will take over the management from Madrid.


Leadec has been supporting its customers across the entire life cycle of the factory and related infrastructure for more than 60 years. The service specialist with 22,000 employees is based at more than 350 sites in 16 countries, often directly at the customers’ plants and facilities. Leadec offers services for every phase of the production process: from production planning and optimization, installation, automation and production equipment maintenance to technical cleaning and facility management.

Two Leadec employees on the roof of a building