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Leadec is the leading provider of technical services for the automotive and manufacturing industries with about 20,000 employees worldwide. For almost 60 years, we have been supporting our customers along the life cycle of your factory with our services Engineer, Install, Maintain and Support.

Based at more than 300 sites – often directly at the customers’ plants and facilities – we take the load off you. As a result, you always have a competitive edge because you can focus entirely on your business.

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We love your factory

We love your factory

Convince yourself of our wide range of services for your factory: Beginning with our automation competence, through our service in the paint shop or our technical cleaning, to trend-setting services such as drone technology for roof inspections. We are at home in a wide variety of industries and try to improve day by day -  because we love your factory.

Leadec.os – the digital business platform

Leadec.os – the digital business platform

We enhance our service portfolio with new data-based services and offer superior customer experience.

Leadec.os is a global platform with a standardized end-to-end view, from the first offer to invoicing. Customers benefit from maximum transparency across all services we provide.

Learn how you can benefit from our digital business platform Leadec.os

Our services in the field of e-mobility

Our services in the field of e-mobility

Whether planning, optimization or maintenance of the cell factory, the battery factory or the electric vehicle factory – Leadec contributes its expertise to support the industry in its transformation process.

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Factory of the Future

Factory of the Future

Digital Transformation is more than a word. We at Leadec aim to make life easier and more efficient for our customers and everyone in the ecosystem.

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Thinking and acting beyond Covid-19

Thinking and acting beyond Covid-19

"Since the beginning of the year, the coronavirus and its spread from east to west has kept the world in suspense, and Leadec has also been affected - but we are seeing a recovery. Our customers are ramping-up, and the market is regaining a new dynamic. Leadec has made diligent efforts throughout the past months to ensure our employees were and are continuously operational through crisis and hygiene management. We have modified our range of services to the needs of the factory, and it is paying off.

Now we are ready to switch from defensive, crisis mode to the offensive. And we know that the whole Leadec team is determined to succeed. That makes us proud! We are not waiting for the old times to return but are preparing ourselves for the new reality. In so doing , we remain constantly vigilant, drawing new ideas and solutions from our previous experience and pursuing sustainable approaches together with our customers."

Leadec Board of Management

After the Lockdown: Restart Services for your Plant

After the Lockdown: Restart Services for your Plant

The Covid-19 pandemic has led to a near total shutdown of manufacturing plants all over the world.

Restarting production will be the defining challenge for most plant managers and their site teams – they will have to provide a safe and clean environment for their workforce to return and restart to.

Leadec offers Plant Restart Support Services (PRSS) to support the restart of your production post the Covid-19 lockdown.

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Where will you find us? Right where you need us. On four continents, 365 days a year.

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Leadec provides its services to a wide variety of industries. From A like Automotive to W like White Goods.

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The software solution welD.One ensures permanent quality control in production.

Press Release: Digital weld seam monitoring with welD.One

Significantly improving the production quality through digital monitoring of the weld seams – that’s what the welD.One software promises. This software solution by Leadec ensures an optimal representation of current welding data and permanent quality control in the production.